Getting Behind The Wheel As An Adult Learner

When people think of driving lessons, they think of excited and nervous teenagers behind the wheel. While the majority of driving lessons are taken by teenagers, there are many adults who take driving lessons. Some adults are learning to drive for the first time, while others take driving lessons to refresh their skills. 

Driving Lessons for Adults

Many adults who grow up in big cities with abundant public transportation do not learn to drive as teenagers. Their parents may not own a car. Public transportation is the most convenient form of transportation for many people living in these areas. By utilizing trains, taxis, ridesharing, and buses they end up avoiding heavily congested roads and the steep fees of garages and parking lots. However, once these adults leave the confines of major cities, they are faced with the need to drive. In smaller cities, in the suburbs, or in rural areas, public transportation is scarcer and the main mode of transportation is the personal car. 

Another reason why adults take driving lessons is to refresh their driving skills. There are many reasons why an adult may need to refresh their driving skills. It may have been that they stopped driving because taking public transportation was more affordable for them in the past. It could have been because they had moved to a metropolitan city. 

Tips for Adult Learners

The best advice for adult learners is to find a driving school that has experience teaching adults. Make sure to inform the driving school if you are a beginner or a former driver in need of refreshing your driving skills. If you have some experience operating a vehicle, you do not need to follow the same course as a beginner. Driving schools have different programs for beginner adult learners and for adult learners with a past driving history. Keep in mind that fees will be different for both courses. 

Find out if the driving school has advanced driving lessons. You should take advanced driving lessons after you have taken the initial driving course. Advanced driving lessons will increase your confidence behind the wheel. 

Teenagers practice their driving skills, and the knowledge learned in driving school, with a family member.  You should find someone outside of the driving school to continue practicing what you learn in driving school. If you cannot find someone outside of the driving school, ask if the driving school offers additional driving lessons. 

If you are still nervous after taking your initial driving lessons, practice driving during off-peak hours, or in areas with less traffic. Practice eases anxiety and increases confidence behind the wheel, both of which are vital for eventually passing a driving exam.