FAQs About Teens And Driving Schools

Is your oldest child almost 16? Chances are you need more information about driver's ed classes? If this is your first experience with driving schools, take a look at the top questions parents have answered.

Where Can Your Child Take Driving Lessons?

Driver's education isn't a class your child will have during their school day. Instead, you will need to explore local independent options. While some districts offer driving classes as part of a continuing education program, these are typically courses you will need to pay for—and are not part of the free public school curriculum. If your child's district doesn't offer this option, your almost 16-year-old can take this class from a professional driver's ed school. A professional school specializes in driving and can help your child to master the rules of the road. 

Why Should Someone Else Teach Your Child to Drive?

You're a licensed driver and have years of experience under your "seatbelt." Why should you pay someone else to teach your child a skill you already know well? 

Even though you know how to drive, you may not have experience in instruction. A driver's ed teacher has more than just knowledge of the road. These professionals also understand how to educate new drivers and help them to master on-the-road skills. 

When Can a Teen Take Driver's Ed Classes?

The answer to this question depends on where you live. Each state has its own licensing laws. This means your child is only eligible for a learner's permit or driver's license when the state allows. Many states have graduated driver licensing (GDL) systems. This grants the teen permission to drive during certain times of the day or have specific driving privileges at different ages. 

It's possible your teen could take a classroom driver's ed course before they are allowed to get behind the wheel (again, depending on the state's regulations). But they won't start on-the-road training with an instructor until they have a learner's permit. If you're not sure what age is the minimum for a learner's permit and driver's instruction, talk to a driving professional. A driver's instructor can help you to understand the local licensing laws.

How Often Should a Teen Take Driver's Lessons?

The number of lessons your teen takes in a week or month depends on a few factors. These include your child's overall schedule (school, sports, or other extracurricular activities), the driving school's curriculum and availability, and your child's preferred timeline. 

Contact local driving schools to gather this information.