FAQs About Teens And Driving Schools

Is your oldest child almost 16? Chances are you need more information about driver's ed classes? If this is your first experience with driving schools, take a look at the top questions parents have answered. Where Can Your Child Take Driving Lessons? Driver's education isn't a class your child will have during their school day. Instead, you will need to explore local independent options. While some districts offer driving classes as part of a continuing education program, these are typically courses you will need to pay for—and are not part of the free public school curriculum. Read More 

What Can An Online Bachelor’s Degree Program In Graphic Design Do For You?

Graphic design is an artistic field that marries aesthetics and communication. Graphic designers strive to create beautiful works of art that convey the right messages to viewers. Many industries need graphic designers, from advertising to video game design. If you'd like to enhance your artistic skills and even make a living as a visual artist, studying graphic design is a great place to begin. Luckily, you can participate in a BFA program online. Read More