Three Programs Your Introverted Student May Love

Being an introvert does not mean staying inside all day. Many introverts like to participate in activities but would prefer to have minimal need to interact with others on a personal level during these activities. It is important to give a child activities outside of schoolwork so that they can figure out their talents. If your child prefers to use their own imagination and have fun that does not require too much talk, there are some public school programs that they may enjoy. Here are three programs for your introverted student. 

Track and field 

Track and field is a sport that can be solitary while remaining on a team. Running is self-dependent and a great activity for children who wish to remain solitary but not completely alone. There are team baton races, as well as short sprints and long-distance runners. For many people, running is a great way to clear their head, especially running cross country. If your child likes to run or has a lot of energy, encourage them to sign up for a track and field program at their school. 

Book clubs

There is nothing like a good book for many introverts. Reading a book allows for them to interact with characters in their mind and use their vivid imagination to construct the world in which the characters reside. If there is a book club that meets at your child's school, they may appreciate getting a break from the educational text of the classroom to read a book that is picked by themselves and their peers. The book club also offers a chance to hear the opinion of others on the characters of the book. If there is no current book club, you can help your child find a teacher who will support the club and find students who wish to join. 

Art classes

Art has always been an abstract concept that depended on a personal perspective to grasp. If there are art classes or art programs at your child's school or in their district, you should get them involved, The glass can help them get down their art techniques, especially with learning new methods including sponge painting, brush strokes, and pencil sketching. Working on technique and being able to express themselves will boost your student's confidence and provide them with another method for personal expression of emotion. For an introvert, emotional outlets are important and an art club can be just what they need.