Education Development

Three Programs Your Introverted Student May Love

Being an introvert does not mean staying inside all day. Many introverts like to participate in activities but would prefer to have minimal need to interact with others on a personal level during these activities. It is important to give a child activities outside of schoolwork so that they can figure out their talents. If your child prefers to use their own imagination and have fun that does not require too much talk, there are some public school programs that they may enjoy. Read More 

2 Ways Charter Schools Can Focus More On Your Child

If you want your child to get more attention during the educational process, one option is to send your child to a charter school. Due to the set-up of charter schools, they often have a unique ability to focus more on your child's individual growth. #1 Longer School Year Most charter schools offer longer schools years and more education hours for their students. They achieve this in a variety of different ways. Read More 

Why You Should Never Refer to Childcare Teachers as “Glorified Babysitters”

Child care centers all provide meaningful education to children of all ages. The days are structured with work and play time, so that children know what to expect and can learn to transition between work and play the same way adults do. Teachers in the centers also work very hard. However, there are always some parents that refer to childcare teachers as "glorified babysitters." If you are guilty of this, here is why you should not do that. Read More 

Things To Consider When Choosing A Preschool Program

Sending your little one off to preschool is a major step in his or her life, so you'll want to be as prepared as possible. When choosing the perfect preschool program for your young one, there are several questions you should ask yourself, and eventually your top picks, before making a decision. Of course, word-of-mouth recommendations from family members and friends matter when deciding on a preschool, but you'll also want to make sure it is the right fit for your family, and most importantly, your child. Read More 

4 Tips For Learning To Drive As An Adult

While it's more common to learn to drive as a teenager, many people end up waiting until well into adulthood to learn to drive. Maybe you grew up in an area with great public transportation where driving was less common or you have anxiety surrounding learning to drive so you've put it off. In any case, learning to drive as an adult can involve special considerations. Here are four tips for learning to drive as an adult: Read More